Meet the Hustlin Chix

Kristin and Jenny founded HustlinCEO over a quick brainstorm via voxer. Literally. We met at a leadership retreat and what began as a quick conversation about fonts quickly transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams and ideas. It was a natural move to bring Sara (in the middle) into the mix. Kristin knew Sara from a business meeting they met one another at years prior. Together we are a great balance to each other and have successfully built businesses that allow us to “own our day” so we can spend time playing and doing what we really love. And now we share our secrets to help YOU build your own successful business without our CEO Corner and online courses. When we're not building our empires you can find us Hustlin' chix ready to play.

Kristin Korn

If you want to catch up with Kristin you’ll need to be ready to talk color palettes, fonts and everything design because she is normally knee deep in creativity and brand marketing tools. Otherwise she is with her family doing the mom thing with her two littles and traveling.

Jenny Taylor

Jenny is a creative so she spends her down time reading, practicing hand-lettering, playing with watercolors, cuddling her daughter or sipping on coffee while arranging her newest chachki for an Insta-worthy gram.

Sara Reineke

As for Sara this former teacher is all about empowerment... she's a leader by nature and this lady has a zillion ideas for developing more leaders FAST. Her family of five, keeps her busy most days running from sports games to practices, but she likes to spend her down time reading self development books, hosting friends for dinner and traveling. 

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