Set Your New Consultant Up for Success

You’re a leader in your industry and yet can’t seem to help your new business partners get off to a fast start? Where should they focus? Where is their time best spent? We totally get it because we struggled too until we figured it out. 



We are the Hustlin Chix and have more than 15 years combined experience in the direct sales industry and bring our wisdom to you via this online course.


The Total Package

We've streamlined social media, income producing activity, basic skillset and mindset work in to 30 days of activities so you don't have to. Our is to keep is super SIMPLE and help build some paychecks FAST!

What will it cost me?

The Kickstart CEO Course was created for entrepreneurs with a small team of ten or large team of thousands. The total value of the course is $1,000 but you can get it TODAY for just $149.99!



"As a team leader, I am excited to have these resources for my TEAM organized in a way to keep them focused solely on income producing actions and keep the ((noise)) out that seems to overwhelm consultants as they try to figure out how and where to start. These 30 days of action steps are the PERFECT business building activities consultants need to get a JUMPSTART with their business OR even REFRESH and get back to basics. Hustlin Chix, THANK YOU for creating this! "

Jennifer B.
Course Owner

"The posts of Kickstart CEO are EXCELLENT! Gives me something to go on and to make my own but something to draw in my audience. EXCELLENT!"

Kristy J.
New Consultant User

"Loving Kickstart CEO!!! So helpful to have action steps to guide me each day instead of feeling overwhelmed with where to start! Great job, ladies!!!!"

Heather K.
New Consultant User

Here's What's Included

How to strategically move your new consultants into business building action right from the start. We'll share with you the same getting started techniques our teams are using to create fast runners while also bringing people back in to the business who took a slow start.

We show you how to use a designated  Facebook Group or Private Instagram to empower your new consultants. We give you 30 days of income producing activities with the images to go with each action. Yes! Images and copy for both social platforms. We equip you with everything! We even share our personal team page welcome video, include downloadable checklist worksheets for the consultant and sponsor to use, and show you how to announce this Kickstart CEO new training model to your team. If you know how to start a Facebook Group Page - or a private Instagram Account - you can run Kickstart CEO for your team! 

Get access today for just $149.99

Are you amazing at helping your new partners hit the ground running but you aren’t seeing it duplicate in your depth. No worries, that's what we are here for. Our proven system works for your entire team, no matter how small or large. Get your lifetime access to our Kickstart CEO course today!

Get Our Kickstart CEO Course Today

Click the button to get the training program now and start duplicating income producing activity to your team TODAY. It's time to keep it super simple and help build some paychecks FAST. The total value of the course is $1,000 but... you can get it today for just $149.99!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a HUGE team to use Kickstart CEO?

Absolutely not. Our program is good for a team of two or a team of thousands. The goal is a fast start no matter what your team count is.


Do I need to have a facebook group page?

No, but it certainly makes life easier. All three of us use this program inside of a private facebook group. This training group is outside of our regular team pages. And with our Kickstart CEO system there is only ONE page you create... not one every month.


Does my new consultant have to wait for the 1st of the month to start this training?

Nope!! We have each assignment numbered so our team members can use the search function to find their starting assignment and there on. So the day your consultant enrolls they can get added to your page and get right to work!


Do I need to walk each new team member thru each assignment?

No way! The point is to streamline this for you. As a leader, you will simply record a welcome video that outlines how you organize the posts, recommend they use the search function, and request they follow up with their sponsor after each assignment.


Does this program take the place of one on one calls with my direct partners?

Actually no. This program should be in addition to your one on one time with your partners.


Can I share Kickstart CEO with each one of my new partners and their new partners, and so on?

Yes! Kickstart is a On-boarding program you set up ONCE for your entire downline or whoever you want to be in it... so they all use the same one... it's housed on a private group page we show you how to create.



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